Commercial Oily Water Treatment Plant & Other Offerings

Tank cleaning services are an integral part of Unitek’s operation. Tank cleaning services performed by Unitek include tanks aboard US Navy, Military Sealift Command, and Commercial vessels as well as cleaning of land-based fuel storage tanks, both above and below ground, throughout the Pacific. Unitek has performed tank cleaning at Guam military installations, as a well as tank facilities operated by Mobil Oil, Shell Oil, and South Pacific Petroleum as well as multiple private businesses

Remote tank cleaning activities performed by Unitek include the cleaning of above-ground storage tanks at the U.S. Army, Kwajalein Atoll Reagan Test Site, Wake Island, Mobil facilities in Guam, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

On Guam, significant tank cleaning projects include the cleaning of various 2,000,000-gallon underground fuel tanks at the US Navy Sasa Valley Fuel Farm; 16,000,000 and 12,000,000-gallon aboveground fuel storage tanks at TriStar Terminals and various aboveground and underground fuel storage tanks throughout the island for both private and military customers.

For these projects, Unitek has the necessary personnel, equipment, and materials necessary to complete the tank cleaning activities. Our tank cleaning equipment inventory is the largest in the region including Solid/Liquid Hydro-excavator, Vacuum Trucks, Confined Space Entry Retrieval Systems, Intrinsically Safe Confined Space Ventilation Devices, Intrinsically Safe Lighting, Intrinsically Safe 2-Way Radios, and Cellular Phones, Floating Roof Support Jacks and Anti-Rotation Devices, Confined Space Entry Meters, High-Pressure Water Removal Systems, Interior Scaffolding, Pumps, Hoses, etc.

Unitek prepares all necessary plans and reports including Site Work Plan, Site Safety & Health Plan, Environmental Protection Plan, Sampling and Analyses Plan, and Waste Handling and Disposal Plan to name but a few.

Recent significant tank cleaning projects include:

Unitek Environmental Guam
Unitek Environmental Guam
Unitek Environmental Guam

Waste Water / Petroleum Recycling

Unitek Environmental Guam owns and operates the only commercially available oily water treatment plant for the treatment and discharge of oily water under our USEPA NPDES permit GU0020346.

Unitek operates two mobile oily water treatment plants with a maximum daily capacity of 144,000 gallons per day per unit.

Unitek is also US Coast Guard Approved as a mobile bulk petroleum facility approved for overwater transfers of oily water and petroleum. This enables Unitek to perform petroleum bunkering of vessels. As a USCG Mobile Bulk Facility, Unitek also performed de-bunkering of oily water and waste petroleum from vessels.

Unitek also provides petroleum recycling services including waste fuels and used oils. Unitek annually removes and recycles over 1,000,000 gallons of used petroleum as an alternate fuel for the Guam Power Authority. Unitek operates an extensive fleet of vacuum trucks, tanker trailers, pumps, and hoses which allows Unitek to meet the needs of our clients for small to large volume oily water processing and petroleum recycling

Unitek also provides new petroleum transport and delivery services for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. Unitek annually transports and delivers over 500,000 gallons of aviation and diesel fuel to military installations and vessels.